Below is a partial list of recent projects:

Past Projects

Served as the Agency’s project manager, a $300,000 project funded by AB 303 and Proposition 13 grant funds, to install groundwater monitoring wells. Developed contract bid documents, managed project scheduling and design criteria with the State Department of Water Resources Central District to install six single-completion wells and two triple-completion wells. Assembled project teams to conduct water quality analysis, install data loggers, and perform well surveys. The project was completed in on time and within budget.

Yuba County Water Agency  Monitoring

Well Drilling Project

Project management and support services to plan and implement the Yuba County Land Subsidence Monitoring Network in cooperation with DWR, National Geodetic Survey, Yuba County, and other state and local water districts. The project included the installment of monuments, and coordination of observations during the Spring of 2008. The work supported a basin management objective identified in YCWA’s Groundwater Management Plan.

Yuba County Water Agency Land Subsidence

Monitoring Network

City of Chico Biosolids Management Study

MPM/Engineering analyzed the current biosolids management process operated by the City of Chico at its Water Pollution Control Plant. Alternatives for the study included co-composting with green waste, land application, heat pelletization, landfill disposal and incineration.

Yuba County Integrated Regional Water

Management Plan (IRWMP)

Provided administrative support for the Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) to develop the Yuba County IRWMP. Coordinated and facilitated Regional Water Management Group meetings which includes participation from three cities, three urban water purveyors, local agricultural irrigation districts, and reclamation districts. Provided public education and outreach on the IRWMP. The IRWMP, funded by a Proposition 50 Planning Grant, was completed in February 2008. For more information on the Yuba County IRWMP please visit

Western Canal Water District

Provided technical support for a Proposition 218 notification held during the Spring of 2009. Work included the preparation and reconciliation of a customer database for parcels located within Butte and Glenn Counties. MPM also assisted the District to prepare landowner notification mailings.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2011

Butte County Veterans Memorial Building Rehabilitations

Provided labor compliance support services for three Butte Count Veterans Hall renovation projects located in Gridley, Paradise, and Oroville, California. Activities were subject to State and Federal labor requirements including prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon. Work was completed in 2010

City of Oroville Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Financial Analysis and Capital Improvement Program

MPM Engineering developed the Capital Improvement Program and prepared the financial analysis for the cost evaluation phases of the project.  MPM will also develop a revenue program for the City’s sewer enterprise.  Financial analysis will provide a defensible mechanism to properly assess sewer fees based on current and projected capacity.

Harvest Monitoring Study

Provided technical field and data collection support for the 2009 Harvest Monitoring Study held within the Biggs-West Gridley Water District, Richvale Irrigation District, and Western Canal Water District.  The work included the compilation of right-of-entry permits and harvest yield data collected from over 70 fields, 30 landowners and three rice dryers.  Field activities occurred seven days per week from September through late October 2009.  The project was completed in Spring 2010 under budget.